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Prophetic Word for the Bride! (8-25-2018)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 • Damon Stuart
This past Saturday, August 25th, I led worship and ministered at a house meeting in the suburbs of Chicago which I have not done in almost 7 years. As the time of worship was winding down the Lord began to speak this word through me to those who were in attendance. I knew this word was for the whole bride so I'm releasing it now because I know it's a timely word!
Prophetic Word: Saturday, August 25, 2018
I hear the Holy Spirit saying: As you see what is happening in the natural with volcanoes erupting, fires sweeping across acres and flooding from storms, this is a natural sign of what I'm about to do in my bride.
The earth is groaning but so is my church. My bride is groaning for a move of my spirit that will begin to erupt with a Holy fire that will sweep across this nation and around the world. Those who have been thirsty for an outpouring from heaven will begin to see it rain down in their lives, homes, ministries and churches like a flood. This move will be of such force that the enemy will not be able to stand against what I'm going to do.
Throughout the past years and seasons, you have heard many times about a great outpouring of my Spirit coming upon my church. This is that time and season that I've promised, and you are now going to step into and see miracles, signs and wonders and most importantly, salvations like never before. For many have cried out, Lord how come we haven't seen miracles like we did years ago? Why don't we see miracles happen when our shadows pass over someone like it did in the book of Acts? The Lord says to get ready and start expecting these very things to start happening once again.
For those who have been praying for loved ones who are lost and not saved…they will begin to be positioned to hear my name and will be drawn back to me. For I will have the last say, I will have the last everything concerning your loved ones because my name is the name above every name and at the sound of my name they will know that I desire them as my sons and daughters.
As my bride has been in kingdom preparation mode over the past few decades…I've been equipping her and establishing her, and although she is not perfect yet, I'm doing a fresh thing in her and for her. Holiness and righteousness will become the personality of how she breaths, acts, moves and speaks on the earth.
Where people have become nonchalant about the kingdom I'm now raising up those, who have been hidden by me, to the forefront because they are willing to carry my presence and my glory to the ends of the earth.  
I am coming upon my bride as a consuming fire. I am coming upon her with a wave of healing anointing. Many of you regard the days of Oral Roberts and Kathryn Kuhlman as great days but it was just a taste, a sample of what I'm about to release through my people. Because it won't be just the hands of a few that operate in healing, it will be the hands of many that have paid the price for my glory through intimacy with me.
Everywhere that my name is lifted, exalted and glorified there you will find me moving strongly and vibrantly. I will do this in you, in your family, business, ministry, city, state and nation because I am a promise keeper to my bride. My word never returns void.
Exalt my name…and there I am and will be in your midst with fire and power, for that time is now upon you says the Lord.

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