I have the privilege of knowing Damon up close and personal and there is a powerful anointing on his life and ministry. Whether leading worship in a service or conference, teaching from the pulpit or ministering one on one there is always a strong prophetic presence of the Lord. He is a favorite of ours here at Christian Life Church. I hope you have the chance to experience Damon and his ministry for yourself very soon. I know you won't be disappointed.

Pastor Daryl Merrill Jr
Senior Pastor at Christian Life Church

I have tasted and seen the ministry of Damon Stuart up close. He is the real deal. He is genuine, non-consuming, and low maintenance. We not only enjoyed his sweet, friendly personality but the fact that he lives clean. No vices.

I have spoken at meetings where he has led worship. Not only is he good but the anointing was good. We had Damon lead worship for a couple days at the 2016 Holy Spirit Conference at our home church in Midland, Michigan. My team told me how smooth it was working with him and we all enjoyed his anointing. 

He is not worldly and has no worldly appearances. He carries himself well and is always smiling and upbeat. I notice also how much he loves the Holy Spirit and the move of the Spirit. He was also non-demanding and was "part of the team".

Damon is available to come to your church and help in any way he can. He can lead worship alone or with your team and can cover for you in conferences, seminars, church services, and other special meetings. Even though you may have a good worship team, sometimes it is refreshing to have someone different or new and even give some of your worship team a break now and then. I recommend Damon and I don't think you will regret if you have him in your ministry.

Dr. Mark T. Barclay
Evangelist and Senior Pastor at Living Word Church

I have known Damon Stuart for many years. We have ministered together at various Christian conferences and meetings. He is a man of integrity with a heart for God and for people. He is a passionate worship leader who carries an anointing that ushers in the presence of God. In that atmosphere, the miraculous is released through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In addition to worship, Damon carries an anointing to teach and exhort people to reach their full potential in God. He has recorded CDs and has authored SPIRIT & TRUTH: Devoted to Worship, which has been an inspiration and a blessing to many. Damon is a chosen vessel called for "such a time as this."

Eva Dooley:
Evangelist and Conference Speaker

I have had the privilege of worshiping with Damon Stuart over the last few years. He is very gifted to bring in a very special atmosphere that prepares the people to receive from the word!

Joan Hunter

Damon Stuart is one of the fresh anointed voices that God is raising up in this time to bring forth a NEW sound from heaven. The creative prophetic unction Damon functions in brings healing, deliverance and breakthrough to the lives of those who hear his music. He is one of my favorite go-to ministers for setting heavens atmosphere at conferences and in my own home.

Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt
Breath of the Spirit Ministries, INC

Damon Stuart has been a friend and support of the Watering Hole for several years. When He leads worship the presence of The Lord is ushered in. Also, Damon has a deep love of the Word of God and delivers it with power and anointing. We are always blessed to have Damon minister at our meetings. He is truly an anointed servant of The Lord.

Carolyn Aiello
The Watering Hole

Damon Stuart has a pure heart and great musical talent.  He has blessed our conferences and many churches with his sweet spirit and passionate worship.  He ministers with a love of true worship in Spirit and Truth.  Damon will lift up Jesus and help you focus your eyes on Him and His Kingdom.

Ben & Brenda Peters
Author, Speakers & Founders of Kingdom Sending Center

I have known Damon for several years and I can say that he is definitely the "real deal." Damon is a powerful man of God who changes the atmosphere with his worship wherever he goes. Damon has led worship for us a couple of times and I can tell you that hearts were touched by the love of God during those times. We will definitely be asking him to our future meetings. I highly recommend that you invite Damon to lead worship for your meeting or conference. If you want the atmosphere of heaven in that place, Damon is the person you are looking for. He is responsible, humble, and compassionate. He shines the love of Christ wherever he goes. I am so honored to call him my friend.

Nichole Marbach Ministries

I have known Damon Stuart for a number of years. Each year there has been an increase in the anointing God has given to him. There is a profound focus on how to lead the people not only to a great depth of the Spirit, but like steps on a ladder to bring them to a higher realm into the presence of the throne room. He sings the songs of worship that reaches into the heart of the hearer which loosens the bonds of those held captive. There is an anointing to destroy the yoke of sickness that brings healing to the heart and mind. The anointing of the Lord on him creates an atmosphere of a visitation of the Spirit that cannot be denied. He is one of the chosen ones called for this hour. I would highly recommend Damon.

Jean Warner Ministries
Sending Center

I have known Damon Stuart for many years. He is anointed in worship leading and playing the keyboard.  The Lord began to open doors for him singing outside of the local church where he served so faithfully.  He later felt the call of God so strongly that he obediently went into full-time ministry. Everywhere that he ministers the reports come back of his gift for leading the people into the presence of God through worship, as well as, anointed preaching. He has hosted several conferences that have born much spiritual fruit. I can without hesitation recommend Damon to come and minister at your church and/or conference. You will surely be glad you did.

Peggy Cole Ministries International

Damon is a man like David, who truly has a heart after God!  I've known Damon for a little over a year and he has even ministered at our church, and I have seen the evidence of his relationship with the Lord. If you are a Pastor and you're looking to see your congregation go to another level of worship, Damon is one whom God has ordained as a "chosen vessel" for such a time as this!  I don't normally write endorsements, but I strongly felt in my spirit to admonish whoever reads this that Damon is a chosen vessel, not just one with a gift and talent, but one who has spent time in the presence of Lord to usher others into that same presence. Damon is a down to earth kind of guy, funny, but filled with the power of God, overflowing with His love.

Apostle Diane Nutt
Church of His Glory & Dove Ministries

Damon comes from a rare breed today that is hungry for the presence of God and goes after it with all his heart. His music along with his team will open the heavens and draw you into a heavenly encounter with the Father. Damon is also a passionate speaker able to bring out the deep truths of the Word of God that will help set others free. He flows in the prophetic and is in tune with where the Holy Spirit is going in meetings. As you spend time with him you will see a humble servant ready to challenge the Bride to press into all we are destined to.

Garry Mulgrew
Worship Leader, Conference Speaker, Song Writer & Ordained Minister!

I am honored to have gotten to know Damon as I have been in several conferences that he has led worship and it has been absolutely wonderful the way the presence of the Lord fills the room. He is totally dedicated to the Lord and wants to just do whatever he can to please Him in every aspect of his life which surely shows in his praise and worship. I thank the Lord for dedicated praise and worship leaders like Damon. 

Kaye Beyer

Damon Stuart carries the anointing of God upon his ministry, releasing His Presence in our midst.  Several years ago the Lord used me to give him a prophetic word concerning his ministry. I am blessed to see that God has confirmed His Word in Damon's life.  Damon has ministered at our conferences.

Roxie Elliott

I would like to strongly endorse and recommend my good friend Damon Stuart to you, your church or ministry.  Damon is a man who truly loves and seeks God with his whole being.  I have observed Damon during personal and corporate worship and prayer, and have found the Holy Spirit to flow out of him in any setting in which he is in.  He is drawn to the presence of God, and from that very presence, the Lord has blessed Damon with the anointed ability to draw those around him, deeper into communion and fellowship with the Lord in worship. I would recommend that you take the time and check out one of Damon's "Spirit and Truth" Newsletters; you will find a depth and spiritual insight that can only come from one who spends time on his face before the Lord and in times of worship in His presence.  We have had Damon at our church leading worship, and during the time of worship, Damon, through his love and intimate worship of the Lord, released a real and sweet anointing from the presence of the Father into our midst. It was a time that our people remember gratefully. Our congregation loves Damon, and we plan on having him back again in the future.

Pastor Terry P. Anderson
New Life Christian Center

Damon's life is one of excellence in the character and integrity of Christ. And his worship ministry, music, and singing reflect that excellence. Being a seasoned woman in the prophetic, who has witnessed many worship ministries through my years in Evangelism, the Lord has blessed me to recognize something on a life and ministry - the anointing. The presence and power of God is there through the anointing each time I have the very blessed opportunity to witness Damon's ministry to the Lord.  Just like others present, I am lifted into the atmosphere of that anointed presence of the Holy Spirit where the stage has been set for the miraculous to take place through healings, prophetic ministry, and for the delivery of God's purpose within each setting. Damon's worship ministry and also his ministry as a prophetic & healing Evangelist are going places in God.  I highly recommend this ministry to churches, conferences, media, and to whoever is looking for a genuine, highly anointed, and proven minister of worship.

Sharron Wesberry Ministries

Damon Stuart is by far one of the most anointed worship leaders out in the church today. He is a tremendous singer whose worship and music reflects the heart of God. Through Damon's music, people are set free, healed and ministered too because he is a true worshipper like David in the Bible. If you want revival in your church and true worship that leads you into the Throne room of God then Damon is the vessel you need to have for your church.

The Chrisagis Brothers Ministries

I heartily endorse Damon Stuart's ministry. I know him to be a man of absolute integrity and Godly character. These are qualities that are very important to me in assessing one's suitability for ministry.

Russ Bechtold
Retired Pastor (Northwest Assembly of God)

It is a pleasure to recommend to you my esteemed friend, Damon Stuart of Damon Stuart Worship Ministries. Damon is an ordained minister, evangelist, speaker, teacher and anointed musician and worship leader. His love for God and people is demonstrated through his music. Damon is a man of integrity and excellence in his role as a leader. As the founder, host and producer of "Voices in the Wilderness TV" ministry, I have had the privilege of interviewing him on my television program. He was a thoughtful and inspiring guest. We received great feedback from our viewers regarding him.  I have been in services and conferences where Damon and his group have been the worship team. It has been a joy to hear their music. I would without any reservation recommend Damon Stuart and his ministry.

Rev. Maria Goldstein
Voices in the Wilderness

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