Dear Friend of the King:

I am inviting all of you to this Supernatural School of Understanding the Royal Priesthood from a Monarchs view point - meaning King Jesus! Experience the joy of knowing who you are in the Realm of The King. LetHim invade you as Heaven invades your world. We will also have a "Special Consecration Ceremony" which will help prepare you for your destiny - I don't want you to miss out!

I have invited Damon Stuart to come and fill the house with his wonderful voice print declaring Majesty and Glory as he takes us higher into the realms of God!

Time is running out on registration but we do have a few Scholarships open. Please call us to talk about it by asking for Pastor Theresa. Price is $100.00 for both days and $150.00 a couple.

Thank you ever so much and God's Blessings

Robert and Theresa Phillips

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